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Malaga and Fuengirola Spain

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October 2, 2013
We went on a new adventure this morning, grocery shopping. We left mid morning following the GPS to the grocery store. We found the store without a problem. Finding a parking spot, not so good. Finally after many wrong turns, we found parking on the other side of the store, underground. No problem, we took the ticket at the entrance, found a space and headed upstairs to the store. You want a push cart, one euro please. We took two baskets and rounded up all the stuff on our list, yes, including wine. The bread just came out of the oven and smelled so good. At the checkout, my tomatoes did not pass muster. You have to weigh them in the vegetable department before presenting them to the cashier. So back to the weigh station I shall go. Of course, if you want bags, you have to ask for them and there is a charge. A heads up on this would have been nice. Annette tried taking someone else’s bag and was immediately reprimanded by the customer. Ok, we have our stuff and its back to the car. Yesterday we were caught with our pants down because we didn’t have a one euro coin for the machine. We asked the lady at the garage if she had change and the answer was, no! Her suggestion was, to go buy something, so off we went. Anyway, fool me once, this time I had my euro in hand, when we pulled up to the gate. Oh no, no slot for the ticket and no slot for the money. Now, some cars behind us are getting a little impatient and there is no way to back up. Finally a lady saw the sweat beading up on my forehead and came to see what the issue could be. After some discussion and hand signals, we found out you have to use the bar code on your grocery receipt, to open the gate. I have no idea why that didn’t enter my mind. After all that, getting back to the room was a piece of cake. We had our first homemade lunch on the deck, with some awesome olives, and yes some wine. We bought a large jar of olives for $1.95. I don’t know what they do with them but they really are great. We decided to hang out at the pool today and then go into town for dinner. Every trip back to the condo, after adventuring out with the car, seems like passing goal and collecting 200 dollars. For anyone who is not familiar with that saying, it comes from the monopoly game.
October 3, 2013
We had breakfast and then headed back to Malaga, only this time we took the train. The train station is only several blocks from the condo and it only costs 4 euro’s one way. It’s a great way to get around. Are mission was to check out the connection in Malaga to Sevilla. The mission was accomplished and we will more than likely do Sevilla by train. Everything we have read on Sevilla said; do not drive unless you have to. We also checked out some of the tourist things we missed. We went to the Picasso Museum, which was very nice. And then we decided to make the climb to Castillo De Gibralfaro. It’s a half mile hike up a steep incline with magnificent views of the city. You know it’s steep when a gentlemen was sitting on the wall taking his nitro. It’s the ruins of an ancient Moorish Castle Fortress. After the hike we need to recharge our bodies, so we stopped for refreshments and some tapas. We had one small snafu on the train back. We purchased our return ticket when we arrived in Malaga, don’t ask why we didn’t buy a return ticket to begin with, anyway, we went to use the ticket and it would not go through. Finally a supervisor came and indicated that when you purchase a one way ticket it is only good for 2 hours. He could have been a nice guy and just let us through the turnstile but he directed us to the information button that clearly stated two hours. I only hope he gets the same treatment if he ever comes to America. Ok, new ticket in hand we made the mad jump to the train just before the doors closed. This was definitely a less stressful way to travel. We will more than likely eat in again tonight and work on tomorrow’s agenda. It was another fun day and we did meet some fun folks along the way.
October 4, 2013
I was thinking down day today, however, Annette received an e-mail from Audrey indicating that we need to go to Fuengirola and see the Castle. The castle was built in the 12 century on a hill overlooking the beaches. The castle changed hands many times. Romans, Carthaginians and Christians all took their turn. Oh by the way, the castle was closed and we didn’t find that out until we hiked to the top. Great views anyway. We spent the day walking around the town and along the beach area. We had a nice lunch of fried anchovies and squid. Both were very tender and along with a small salad and bread made for a nice meal. Of course nothing is uneventful with us. We were sitting outside, I was on the chair near the road, when this large truck came inches from me and took out a stop sign. He did stop and look at the damage but it didn’t seem to bother him, has he drove away. Maybe it was because everyone was laughing at him. When was the last time you saw someone carrying a side of beef on their shoulder, making a delivery? The town was loaded with small markets selling fresh fish, cheese and all sorts of goodies. We found out you don’t have to pay to park between the hours of 2 to 4. So if you time it right you get extra time for your one euro. We are back at the condo safe and sound one more time. It looks like we will eat in again tonight because we change timeshares tomorrow morning. We check out of ours at 10am and can’t check in to the next one until 4pm. So we have to eat everything up tonight. I voted for finishing off all the wine but Annette informed me that it will not spoil. What do I know!
Annette and Bob

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